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Dental extractions & wisdom teeth

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Why do we have wisdom teeth?

As spare teeth, wisdom teeth are often of little value. This is because our jaws have shrunk with the evolutionary changes from the tough diet of raw meat and grains that our ancestors had to endure to the soft processed foods we consume today. Wisdom teeth, like body hair, will gradually disappear with evolution, but at present they are one of the biggest dental health problems of developed nations in the 21st century.

Why are wisdom teeth a problem?

Wisdom teeth are spare teeth that grow at the back of the jaws after adolescence. Often there is little room for the wisdom teeth to emerge into a functional position within the mouth. This creates a problem with cleaning as food tends to pack around the wisdom teeth resulting in infection, pain and swelling, as well as foul discharge and bad breath.

Damage to adjacent teeth Pathological cyst  formation
Damage to adjacent teeth Pathological cyst formation

I have a toothache.

Pain arising from a tooth needs urgent attention. Your dentist will advise you whether the tooth can be saved (i.e. filled) or whether it needs to be removed (i.e. extracted). If the tooth needs to be extracted, please make an appointment.

Impacted bottom wisdom tooth
Impacted bottom wisdom tooth

When do I need to have my wisdom teeth removed?

Pain, swelling and foul taste in your mouth are good reasons to see your dentist about whether you have wisdom teeth that need attention. Even if you have never had problems with your wisdom teeth, it is better to have them extracted while you are young and healthy rather than wait until they become a problem when you are much older and more susceptible to surgical complications such as infection and poor healing resulting in dry socket. If you have wisdom teeth, then why not make an appointment with us to discuss your specific needs.

I’m very nervous & anxious about the idea of tooth extractions.

Don’t worry, we have access to the best private hospitals in Melbourne, so that your extraction(s) can be done under “twilight” or even “general” anaesthesia, even if it is only for one tooth. Please make an appointment to discuss your specific needs and concerns.