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Diseases of the mouth & jaws

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I’m concerned about a lesion in my mouth?

Whether it is an ulcer that has not healed or a lump that has been there for a long time, it is important to get it checked out so make an appointment.

Lesion in the mouth - Image 1 Lesion in the mouth - Image 2
Lesion in the mouth - Image 3  

What does treatment involve?

If it is a small lesion then it is completely removed. If it is a large lesion, then a small tissue sample is taken and sent to a pathology laboratory for testing to see what it is. A firm diagnosis is essential to help plan appropriate management of the lesion. Sometimes extra CT scans or MRIs may be ordered.

Jaw reconstruction
Aggressive tumours are resected and the jaws reconstructed with bone taken from another part of their body which is fixed to the jaws with titanium plates like the case shown above

What if it is a cancer?

Immediate biopsy is required to confirm the diagnosis. Patients are then referred on to cancer specialists who have special teams with vast experience in treating these conditions.

Cancer lesion - Image 1 Cancer lesion - Image 2
All white lesions in the mouth
should be closely monitored and
Cancer under the tongue